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Our mission is to call and equip a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry. We provide workshops and resources that help companies discover how to do business God’s way. When the heart of a business is service rather than self it can be transformed into a fruitful ministry.  Our hope is that together we will transform the culture of business and for the glory of God. 

Our mission is to ‘masters’. We believe business owners and leaders, what we call Kingdom Entrepreneurs, have unique opportunities and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God. They are able to define the culture of their company, impacting all those who connect with them. We encourage and support anyone who is seeking to transform their business into their ministry. We also work in partnership with church leaders; whose five fold ministry is to ‘equip the saints for works of service.’

How we do it

Transforming a business into a fruitful ministry is a challenge. It is a calling to one of the frontlines of the Kingdom. To succeed we need to be equipped. BizMin is committed to calling and equipping Kingdom Entrepreneurs to do business as ministry. This is how we can help.


Our workshops are the backbone of BizMin. We believe God has given us an important message to share. To date we have had the privilege of sharing this message with over two and a half thousand business and church leaders around the world. We are committed to delivering this message anywhere people invite us to come. We have delivered talks, workshops and conferences across all areas of the business world, from the City of London to the fast-emerging economies of the East and the rural communities of India and southern Africa. We have worked with businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors as well as with a wide range of church denominations and international mission organisations. If you are willing to invite us we are willing to come. We only ask that you make the arrangements to host and invite others to come. We may be able to cover some, or all of the costs.


We are developing a range of resources that are designed to help individuals and groups unpack what the Bible has to say about business. These include inspiring podcasts, The Bible on Business, a ten-part discipleship course and BizMin, a book on Business as Ministry. As these become available we will notify subscribers/members.


Over the years, we have had many people say that they were inspired by our workshops, validated in their God given calling as entrepreneurs. We have come to realise that inspiration takes on-going perspiration if good intentions are to bear fruit. It is well known that business leaders benefits from coaching and that disciples benefit from accountability. For this reason, we are seeking to provide small group mentoring twice a year for a select number of kingdom entrepreneurs who recognise their need of support.  

We will facilitate a gathering of like-minded business leaders, creating a place where iron can sharpen iron. There is a cost to these events, but we hope you will agree it is time and money well spent.

If you are willing to commit to one of these groups we would love to hear from you and together determine if this would be appropriate for you. Currently this is limited to the UK only.

Get involved

We want BizMin to become a community of kingdom entrepreneurs who share a passion for business and a love for Jesus. Leadership on the frontline can be lonely and we are stronger together. We invite you and your network to join the BizMin community and become a BizMin Member. We would be delighted to connect with you and hope that we might be able to encourage one another as we strive together to do business as ministry.  Members will receive FREE copies of our newsletter and access to our resources.

Project 500 video

Project 500

This is our latest initiative. Find out how to become part of Project 500 and make your impact felt on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Our beliefs

We believe that God has a purpose for business and to that end has particular responsibilities for those who the Bible calls ‘masters’, what we call kingdom entrepreneurs. We believe the Bible has a great deal to say about the best way to do business, setting out God’s plan, purpose and way of doing, business. We believe it is the best way of doing business and that God is calling kingdom entrepreneurs to courageously do business His way. We believe that when they do, business can be transformed into a fruitful ministry. We believe the church has a responsibility to equip kingdom entrepreneurs to fulfil their God given destiny. It is to this end that we have established BizMin, an organisation dedicated to calling and equipping God’s people to do business God’s way and for the glory of God.

A bit about the Founder

Paul Bulkeley BizMin Founder

Paul is the founder of BizMin. In 2003 he founded Snug Architects and he remains the catalyst behind its steadily expanding team of talented designers. In 2017 the company was named by the Royal Institute of British Architects as one of only nine Role Model Practices. Paul has sought to lead the company as a kingdom business from its inception and is passionate that this is his ministry. He has also taught widely on Kingdom Business, delivering inspirational conferences and workshops to over two and a half thousand church and business leaders in various countries. It is from this foundation that Paul established BizMin, as a conduit for extending this good work. In addition to his business commitments Paul is also a teaching fellow at the University of Southampton and has been a church elder. Paul is married and has four energetic children. They live on the South Coast of England and enjoy all forms of water sports.

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