The BizMin Course

The BizMin Course equips Christian entrepreneurs to make business their ministry. Using the Bible's business wisdom, the course unpacks how a business run God's way can become a fruitful ministry and a deeply satisfying life’s work. Our goal is to see a generation of Christian business leaders and owners transform the culture of business for the good of society and the glory of God.

If it is your business, we believe it is your ministry. The BizMin Course will help you to press on and take hold of all that God has prepared for you and your business. Welcome to the adventure.

About the Course

The BizMin Course is a 10-part discipleship course that explores how a business can be transformed into a fruitful ministry. The course is designed for Christian entrepreneurs who are serious about doing business God’s way. The course would suit anyone looking to better understand Kingdom Business and Business as Ministry. It is specifically targeted at Christian business groups, Business as Mission (BAM) practitioners, church leaders who are serious about the discipleship of their business people, as well as Christian entrepreneurs who are looking for a private study resource. The course works best as a facilitated small group activity where ‘iron can sharpen iron.’

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The BizMin Course is a self-contained course handbook that guides users systematically through the material. It is divided into ten sessions that each last around two hours. Each session contains a mixture of illustrated teaching, scripture verses, discussion questions, activities and opportunities for personal reflection. The course works best with a facilitator who guides the group through the material, drawing out and recording the groups collective wisdom. It is recommended that the course is run over ten weeks, allowing adequate time for personal revelation to become embedded in business practice. There are no short cuts to personal discipleship or lasting transformation.

The goal of the BizMin Course is to equip a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to make business their ministry. The culture of business needs transforming through a great move of God in the workplace. Christian leaders and business owners have a good work that God has prepared in advance. We hope you feel it is time to press on and take your place in this adventure. Enjoy the course.

Often it is assumed that faith and business cannot be allies. This course, in contrast, highlights the positive potential when Christianity is integrated with entrepreneurship. It introduces participants to a range of theological and practical tools that inspire and support this integration. This thoughtful and well-presented course is set to change the lives of individuals, teams, customers and communities!

Dr Peter S Heslam

Director of Faith in Business, Cambridge.

Participating in the BizMin course has helped reignite my passion for both business and ministry by inspiring me to combine the two. The BizMin course provided me with a fantastic framework that is shaping how I steward my business for the glory of God. Each session offers ample opportunity to ask questions, learn from the experience of others and equips Christian business leaders with the tools to transform their workplace culture and client relationships. I believe BizMin will encourage a generation of entrepreneurs to use their business as a vehicle to transform the culture around them.

Aaron Gibson

Founder of Created by Arc


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